The "webinar" option is taught live via
pre-scheduled webinars and is perfect for the
companies who find it impossible to get all of
their drivers, dispatchers and admin staff
together over a specific period of time to train.

Webinars last 2 hours for first-time,
up to 3-hours for
dispatchers and Owner/Admins
and 50-minutes for retraining.

It includes all of the components of the on-site
option with the exception of site audits and
route assessments.  

A comprehensive and professionally bound
Owner/Admin manual (and Dispatch manual if
applicable) and an e-version employee Driver
manual is also included
with this option.

A variety of time slots are available 6 days per
week to accommodate all time zones!
(719) 502-7081
Company pricing is based on a sliding scale with volume discounts offered
when the company pays in full for all attendees and coordinates all training
into sessions with multiple-attendance (no single training sessions).
Company Size
Companies with more than 4 people in the company
fee includes Owner plus up to 4 more attendees)

Small Companies with 1-2 people in the company

6 - 20 attendees               
$45.00 each
21 - 50 attendees                             
$42.50 each
51 - 75 attendees
$38.50 each
76 - 100 attendees
$35.50 each
101- 200 attendees
$32.00 each
More than 200 attendees
$27.50 each
New Single training (following company training)
Annual Driver Group Recertification (1-200 attendees)
This price applies only if more than 80% of previous
trainees re-certify at the same time
Annual Driver Group Recertification (more than 200)
$28.00 each

$24.00 each
Additional Company Training Manuals                

Driver (printed & bound)
Live Bloodborne Pathogen / HIPAA Webinar Pricing
For pricing on our Nuclear
Medicine Transportation course
please call us at 719-502-7081.