The "webinar" option is taught live via
pre-scheduled webinars and is perfect for the
companies who find it impossible to get all of
their drivers, dispatchers and admin staff
together over a specific period of time to train.

Webinars last 2 hours for first-time,
up to 3-hours for
dispatchers and Owner/Admins
and 50-minutes for retraining.

It includes all of the components of the on-site
option with the exception of site audits and
route assessments.  

A comprehensive and professionally bound
Owner/Admin manual (and Dispatch manual if
applicable) and an e-version employee Driver
manual is also included
with this option.

A variety of time slots are available 6 days per
week to accommodate all time zones!
(719) 502-7081
Company pricing is based on a sliding scale with volume discounts offered
when the company pays in full for all attendees and coordinates all training
into sessions with multiple-attendance (no single training sessions).
Company Size
Companies with more than 4 people in the company
(fee includes up to 5 Owner/Admin/Sales/Dispatch attendees)

Small Companies with 1-3 p
eople in the company

6 - 20 attendees               
$42.50 each
21 - 50 attendees                             
$39.50 each
51 - 75 attendees
$36.50 each
76 - 100 attendees
$33.50 each
101- 200 attendees
$30.00 each
More than 200 attendees
$25.00 each
New Single training (following company training)
Annual Driver Group Recertification (1-200 attendees)
This price applies only if more than 80% of previous
trainees re-certify at the same time
Annual Driver Group Recertification (more than 200)
$25.00 each

$20.00 each
Additional Company Training Manuals                

Driver (printed & bound)
Once you've paid for your initial training,
we offer monthly subscription rates so when you have a new-hire or someone who just
needs a refresher because they've made some mistakes, schedule them! There's no
additional payment during the year other than your monthly subscription rate. Then when it
comes time to renew, you're already paid in full!
Adjustments for attendee counts are made annually
so you can budget this valuable training!
You'll also receive access to  ongoing consultation, sales advice
and a quarterly newsletter.

Owners, Dispatchers and Admins are just $5.00 per month
Employee Driver rates are just $2.50 per driver per month

For more information, contact Ken at (719) 502-7081 or
email him at