You're invited to join the
Medical Courier Connection"
What's the difference between us and "the other guys?"  
38 years of continuous experience for starters!

  • We teach courier-specific specimen integrity, compliance and Best Practice standards

  • We offer an in-depth courier-specific perspective on HIPAA (patient confidentiality)

  • We provide your company with an Exposure Control Plan
(manuals with policies and procedures to ensure the lowest risk of exposure)

  • We show your couriers how to use a spill kit

  • We explain the difference between Category A, Category B, and Exempt specimens
With so many training options at affordable rates,
the ability to accommodate your company
schedules, training suited for employees and/or
IC's, AND your sales team, ops managers,
dispatchers and admin staff,
you'll be able to measure your
return of investment positively!

Not sure?

Schedule a free preview!
or call Ken to set one up at (719) 502-7081
Prefer live webinars for your company?
We offer live training via Go To Meeting
6-days per week,
morning, afternoon, and evenings
to accommodate every time zone
and courier schedule!
Sessions include all elements of courier-specific
bloodborne pathogen, exposure control, specimen
integrity and HIPAA.
On-site classes and service
for 1 to 3-days (or more!)

When we come to your facility we'll provide you
with a risk and site assessment, go with your
sales team to meet and see the companies you
service, make recommendations for safety,
HIPAA, route efficiencies and supplies, train your
new-hires and retrain those whose certification
has expired including dispatchers, admin, and
Pick 1, 2, 3, or more days!
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On Demand - Online Classes
We offer two affordable, pre-recorded, on-demand
"Awareness" classes that can be taken at your IC's
convenience 24/7/365 from your office or their home!

Bloodborne Pathogen/Exposure Control $15.95
HIPAA Compliance $12.95
or SAVE when you purchase the COMBO package $25
Both classes are available in Spanish versions!
(719) 502-7081