We offer two programs. Both are
automated and available
24/7/365. Simply click to register
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It's important to know that the
program monitors your attention
level and there are tests at the
end of each program, so please
select a time when you can pay
attention. The content is vital to
excellent patient care!

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This "Awareness" program for IC Drivers
addresses Bloodborne Pathogens and
other potentially infectious materials,
Specimen Integrity, how to use a Spill Kit,
and will help you to define your own risks,
and create your own policies to avoid an

This awareness presentation is for IC’s
who do not need a manual, reproducible
documents, consulting, admin, or sales
"Awareness" Training.
Independent Contractors are "hired" with the expectation that they are knowledgeable about the every day risks
that they sign on for and that they are willing and able to constantly assess, understand and mitigate those risks
involving driver and vehicle safety, how to lift properly, traffic laws, and regulations, and the like. But when you
decide to service the Healthcare Industry in a professional manner, those risks increase.

Not only are you exposed to the everyday risks but in some cases you could also potentially be exposed to
Bloodborne pathogens, Other Potentially Infectious Materials, exposing patients to Identity Theft, and a whole
new list of regulatory departments that could give your business a headache! Couple that with maintaining
Specimen Integrity and the patient's medical, personal, and financial information, and you can see how "Patient
Care" has to be at the center of your attention.

At Integrity Medical Courier Training, these awareness programs contain valuable information and examples of
risks to help you identify, and in many cases, eliminate your risk! The recommendations that we make will cost
you next to nothing but remember, if you know it and prepare for it but don't "do it," it's worthless!

For more information about servicing the Healthcare Industry, visit us at
The Medical Courier Connection
Bloodborne Pathogen/Exposure Control
HIPAA (Patient Confidentiality)
This "Awareness" program address your
role as a driver and identifies many
significant "exposure" vs. "breach"
scenarios, and offers you valuable
information about how to protect yourself
against fines, civil and potentially criminal

This awareness presentation does not
intend to replace a company-wide risk