Besides training, we're doing everything we can to ensure you have all of the tools and resources you need to
be a successful Medical-Specialty Courier company!
You're invited to
join the
Medical Courier
What's the difference between us and "the other guys?"
We offer All-inclusive training options for the medical-specialty courier
What does that mean?
  • We teach specimen integrity,
  • compliance and Best Practice standards,
  • we show your couriers how to use a spill kit,
  • we explain the difference between "Ebola" (Category A) and Hepatitis (Category B) specimens,
  • we offer live webinars
  • and on-site training with risk and facility assessments, and even meet with you and your clients!
  • we offer an in-depth perspective on HIPAA (patient confidentiality),
  • we provide your company an Exposure Control Plan!
(manuals with policies and procedures to ensure the lowest risk for exposure to those well-educated couriers)
With so many training options at affordable
rates, the ability to accommodate your
company schedules, training suited for
employees and/or IC's, AND your sales
team, ops managers, dispatchers
and admin staff,
you can bet you'll be able to
measure your return of investment

Not sure?

Call Ken to schedule a free preview!
(719) 502-7081
Prefer live webinars for your company?
We offer live training 6-days per week,
morning, afternoon, and evenings
to accommodate every time zone
and courier schedule!
Sessions include all elements of courier-specific
bloodborne pathogen, exposure control, specimen
integrity and HIPAA.
How many other training programs offer
on-site classes and service
for up to 3-days?
We do!

When we come to your facility, we'll provide you
with a risk and site assessment, go with your
sales team to meet and see the companies you
service, make recommendations for safety,
HIPAA, route efficiencies and supplies, train
your new-hires and retrain those whose
certification has expired including dispatchers,
admin, and ops!
Pick 1, 2, or 3 days!
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Do you have IC's?
We offer two affordable, pre-recorded,
on-demand "Awareness" classes that can be
taken at your IC's convenience 24/7/365 from
your office or their home!

Bloodborne Pathogen/Exposure Control $14.95
HIPAA Compliance $12.50